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Grangetown goes Wild about new cafe

Lauren Saunders has opened her vegan cafe Wild Thing at 104 Clare Road - so it's time to take a look at the new business, which has already proved popular since it opened last week.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m 26 and from Bridgend. I moved to Cardiff after feeling a strong sense of the word ‘Hiraeth’ whilst studying in London for university. Since moving back to Wales I have become extremely patriotic, wanting to stay in Wales forever and join the amazing people who are making incredible things happen here. I’m a passionate vegan who wants to show how tasty eating vegetables can be. I’m a lover of supporting independent businesses especially those who have a social aim! zassionate vegan who wants to show how tasty eating vegetables can be. I’m a lover of supporting independent businesses especially those who have a social aim!

Q How long have you been trying to get Wild Thing off the ground?
I started planning in January 2018. It started with an Instagram account - sharing pictures of food that I made in my tiny kitchen at home, it developed into business planning, recipe testing, property searching and now here I am!

Q Why have you picked Grangetown?
Grangetown was the first area I lived in Cardiff when I moved here three years ago, so it’s always felt like my Cardiff home. The area has such a strong sense of community – I could tell that when signing the lease at the agency, the staff were so excited about the cafe opening – I knew that I had chosen the right spot. The area has such an amazing mix of independent businesses and I’m excited for Wild Thing to be the first 100% vegan cafe here. Grangetown is vibrant and multicultural with a strong sense of identity – everything you want from a city neighbourhood!

Q What sort of menu are you offering? The menu focuses on breakfast and lunch. Serving natural unprocessed food. It showcases local seasonal fruit and vegetables. For breakfast think all the classics but made in unconventional ways. Fluffy waffles, pancake stacks, porridge with all the wonderful toppings. My favourite savoury breakfast dish is the smashed black beans, topped with cashew cream cheese and pickled red onion. The cafe also serves lunch options of big hearty salad bowls and warming soups with Riverside Sourdough. There will be lots of gorgeous cake and Cardiff roasted coffee (Hard Lines) on offer too.

Q What is “plant-based food” – explain to those of us who don’t know?
Plant based food consists of fruit,vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes. No animal products so no meat, dairy, eggs, honey. I use the word “plant-based” to describe the cafe as vegan foods can also be ‘ultra processed.’ Wild Thing cafe only sells natural unprocessed plant based food. This is the type of vegan food that I like to eat and I feel there was a gap for this in Cardiff.

Q Say you’re not a vegan but still interested in trying it out, what would you recommend?
I would say go for the pancake stack! In case you are wondering they are served with pure maple syrup, homemade peanut butter, grilled bananas and juicy fruit compote. I think they can win over even the biggest vegan sceptic.

Q You have said you want to be more than a cafe but have a commitment to the community and projects – tell us more of what you’d like to offer/be involved in?
Before planning Wild Thing I worked for The Big Issue – so my goals have been focused on societal change as opposed to just profit! Having worked in the third sector – collaboration was always encouraged. I’m excited to collaborate in so many ways in order to to contribute to the community in Grangetown.

I’ve set the cafe three goals – to get more people eating veg; to reduce environmental impact and to tackle food poverty. The first two goals fe are through the menu, which is filled with local seasonal produce based on a diet that has the lowest environmental impact. The third goal to tackle food poverty is something I am really passionate about. Eating good food should not be a privilege! This is one of the areas which can allow a lot community engagement. I’m so keen to work with the Community Gateway project, for example, to deliver these projects to educate around healthy eating on a budget, run cooking classes and a community kitchen. I also I have a vision of a Grangetown Community Fridge in the future. I have lots of plans and strongly think that business should be used to create social change.

Q What would you say are the misconceptions about veganism?
I think the rapid rise in veganism has formed a strong opposition of critics and sceptics. I’d say that these are some of the misconceptions. -People often think that vegan diets are really complex. You hear people say “oh you’re vegan, what do you eat?” As if vegan food is really specialist. However, it’s just simple- eating vegetables, fruit and grains, and no animal products. People eat these food items every day! It doesn’t need to require lots of fancy ingredients, just simple veg.

You often hear that veganism is a ‘trend/fad.’ However, for me I went vegetarian at 11 and then developed to vegan whilst studying at university, so I have lived a meat free and then vegan lifestyle for the majority of my life. I think veganism and individuals reducing meat and dairy intake is vital for the protection of the planet and for our healths - and not just a fad. People often think that veganism is expensive.This is not the case. As I previously mentioned I turned vegan whilst at university and was on a serious budget! I used to eat a lot of couscous, rice, reduced vegetables,oats (which I used to make with water) and tins of chickpeas! My food shopping would cost a few pounds- I was very thrifty. Being on a budget probably helped me to stay vegan those first few months because I couldn’t afford things like cheese, quorn, eggs - which are more expensive than grains and veggies.

Q Is Cardiff generally getting better for offering vegan options?
Yes the vegan food scene in Cardiff is growing so quickly. I love how many new vegan businesses have opened up in the past few years and I have been inspired by them to do the same myself! Obviously you have places like Vegetarian Food Studio that have been around for years and is still one of my favourite places to eat in the city. I think there is still room for lots more 100% vegan businesses and I think that there should be vegan options in every food place in Cardiff!

Q Would the cafe ever consider opening in the evenings in future, is there scope?
I would love the cafe to be open in the evenings along the line. I want to start with some one off evening events then hopefully in the future I can extend the opening hours to offer daily evening meals too!

Wild Thing, 104 Clare Road (on the corner of Stafford Road), Grangetown, Cardiff CF11 6RT is open from 8am-5pm (Wednesday to Saturday) and 9am-4pm (Sundays), closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Follow Instagram @wildthingcardiff; Twitter @wildthingcdf; Facebook @wildthingcardiff This is adapted from the article which we published in the winter edition of Grangetown News.


Saturday 23rd February: Charity Coffee Morning, St Paul's community hall, Paget Street, 10.30am. This month in aid of the Lord Mayor's charity - the Noah's Ark/Tiny Lives Appeal, with invited guest the Lord Mayor.

Thursday 21st February: Growing Street Talk Workshop - Easy Ways To Water, Grangetown Nursery School, Avondale Road, 3.15pm-5.15pm. A chance to make simple, fun gadgets to make gardening/growing easier. Children are welcome, they don’t need to be booked in but Liz and Michele need to know numbers. After booking online please email with how many children you wish to bring.

Friday 1st March: St David's Day coffee morning, St Samson's Church, Pentre Gardens, 10.30am-12 noon.

Tuesday 5th March: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Quiz, St Samson's Church, Pentre Gardens, 7.15pm. £4 entry per person.

Saturday 16th March: Keep Grangetown Tidy/Keep Riverside Tidy litter-pick, 10am - meet at Grangetown Hub. All welcome, a joint effort this month between two voluntary groups.

The Cinema at Tramshed - A new cinema programme has started, showing some of the best arthouse and classic films, alongside special presentations. click here for listings and to buy tickets online.

Live events at Tramshed - including Dodgy, Razorlight, Peter Hook, Black Grape and The Coral. click here for details.

Regular events:

Mondays: Friends and Neighbours (FAN) group at Grangetown Hyb, 9.30am to 10.30am, women-only group at Clare Road Cultural Centre, 33 Clare Rd, 9.30am; and at Ikea, 11am to 12pm; Dementia Cafe, St Paul's Community Hall, first Monday of the month, 1.30pm-3pm. Monthly drop-in for anyone affected by dementia. Hosted by Alzheimer's Society and Dementia Care. The cafe is run by volunteers and has been supported by funds raised in memory of the late Brenda Griffiths, a lovely lady who latterly suffered from dementia.

Grangetown Community Choir, Cornwall St church hall, 7.30pm-9.30pm. All weclome, relaxed, harmonious environment. £70 for term, from 18th September, payment options available. Email

Tuesdays: Exercise for Beginners, Grangetown Health Centre, 10.30am–11.30am. Weekly sessions to improve your mobility/flexibility and get advice on simple exercise routines that you can do at home.
Beatball Kids - for girls, Channel View Leisure Centre, 4pm-5pm (£1 per week, girls aged 7-11 only) Mixing fitness, dance and football

Grangetown Running Club, meets Channel View 6.15pm warm-up for 6.30pm start. Friendly and easy-paced group, ideal for beginners. Cost £1. Meets weekly.

9th Cardiff Brownies and Guides, St Samson's church hall, Pentre Gardens, 6-7.30pm. For girls aged 7-10, 10 to 14.

Grangetown Book Club, Grangetown Hub, 6pm First Tuesday of each month, December's book - The Commitments by Roddy Doyle.


Baby massage and baby yoga group, Grangetown Hyb, 1pm. Includes Welsh vocab and songs, suitable for babies under nine months. Email: Six weeks from start of February.

Cardiff People First, Grangetown Hub Cafe, 1pm-3pm. A chance to meet project worker Dawn over a cuppa in the cafe, chat, make new friends or try new things. Project run by local charity working with people with learning difficulties.

Cardiff Dance Stars - Ballet and Lyrical Dance, ages 4-6, 4pm; Modern and Lyrical Dance, ages 7-12, 5pm - at Grangetown Hub, Havelock Place. Qualified dance classes for children,

Welsh Taster and Beginners courses, Channel View leisure centre, 7pm-9pm. Introduction to Welsh - particularly aimed at parents with children at Welsh-medium school. From October/November 2017 until July and October 2018. Cost £177, intalments possible.

Pub Quiz, The Grange Pub, 8.30pm. Weekly quizzes, with a different quiz-master every week.

Thursdays: The Great Brains Speed Quiz, The Cornwall pub, 8pm. First Thursday of every month. Prizes.

Fridays: Grangetown Food Bank, Grangetown Baptist Church, Clive Street, 12pm-2pm. Weekly foodbank, organised by Cardiff Foodbank

Grangetown FAN group, Salvation Army - Women only. Starting at 10am with an English language class then 11am for a FAN meeting. Fluent English speakers welcome too!

Grangetown Afterschool Club/Full Circle Education, Grange Pavilion, Grange Gardens, 3.30pm-5pm. Brand new girls club, perfect for girls who love arts and crafts, games, music, photography, sports and making friends. If you would like any more information, please email:

Cardiff Dance Stars - Acro and Gymnastic Dance, ages 5-12, 4.15pm; at Grangetown Hub, Havelock Place. Qualified dance classes for children,

Cook At Church, St Paul's Community Hall, 5.30pm-7.30pm - first Friday of month. For children aged 10 and 11 to learn cooking skills and have fun

Sundays: Last Sunday of the month - Repair Cafe, Hideout Cafe, Grange Pavilion, Grange Gardens, 12pm-4pm. Volunteers fix things that would otherwise be thrown away. In doing so, they help save the environment, share skills with people that need things fixed, and meet like-minded people. We are looking for local residents who can repair or fix: Clothing/textiles, bicycles, electrical appliances, furniture/woden objects, toys, PCs /laptops. Contact: Moss 07907489346 or Joe 07868206627 if you can lend a hand.

Second Sunday of the month - Ponder with a Pint, The Grange pub, 6pm. Hosted by Fr David Morris of St Paul's Church, a monthly informal discussion group talking about issues and religion-related topics.

Email your local events to For regular events, meetings and classes - including a listing for Grangetown Library Hub - see our directory.

Developers seek to justify flats height

Developers behind controversial plans for 74 flats off Penarth Road close to the River Taff have submitted more details aiming to justify the height.

Dozens of residents in the Pentre Gardens have objected to the Bottleworks proposals, on the old Track 2000 site, saying it is too tall, out of character for the area and will affect the privacy of some homes backing onto it.

Rightacres have now added more detailed arguments, including that the flats would not affect the sunlight to residents in Pentre Gardens. The developer added that planning officers "were not overly concerned about height in the corner location on the junction of Penarth Road and Taffs Mead Embankment, in fact they hypothesised that the development could go higher here."

It claims the height has been "reduced significantly" during the design process. "The reason for this document is that further reductions in height below where the design currently would render the project unviable, and officers, appreciating this, invited the applicant to justify their position. The document does this."

Residents have until Thursday 21st February to send any additional responses to the latest submissions.

Meanwhile Cardiff South and Penarth AM Vaughan Gething and MP Stephen Doughty have both sent letters of objection, warning of traffic issues and the development being out of character for the area. Local councillors Ashley Lister and Lynda Thorne have also objected, saying despite the scale of the development being reduced it was still "significantly more imposing" than surrounding properties.

The planning committee will hold a site visit before deciding on the proposals, which have been called a "stepping stone" development by Rightacres. This phrase itself has been greeted with some alarm locally, at what it could mean for future developments and the character of the area.

Campaigners opposed to the development say the latest submission does not reduce the height or change the character of the development, while the number of trees proposed as part of landscaping appears to have been reduced. They will be given an opportunity to speak to the planning committee, along with the two local councillors. A deadline of 21 February has been given for final comments.

Residents also brought in an independent planning consultant, who in a submission said the application was invalid and there were "serious concerns with the level and quality of information submitted to support the proposal." She also said that the five-storey buikding would be more than double the height of nearby homes, and should be counted as a "tall building" under planning rules for a residential area and the proposals rejected in their current form.

You can read more here

Concern over bus changes for estate

Grangetown councillors have written to Cardiff Bus to say any cuts to buses serving the Channel View estate would be "not acceptable".

It follows reports that the company is looking to cut 12 routes to save money, including the 9a and 54 buses no longer serving Channel View Road and the estate from the start of April, although they would still run along Clive Street and Ferry Road.

The councillors say the estate is home to 1,500 people, including many elderly residents in the 13-storey tower block. The 9a has a turning circle at the estate currently, which is also close to Windor Quay flats.

"These residents will be left with no bus service at all within easy walking distances," say councillors Lynda Thorne, Ashley Lister and Abdul Sattar, in their letter to Cynthia Ogbonna, Cardif Bus's managing director.

"We are imploring you to review this decison by either removing it from the services withdrawn or to review other services to the area - to include pick up and drop off points to this community."

They have also called on Cardiff Bus to provide evidence that the route is not viable and to show what has been done to encourage use of the route.

Meanwhile, fares were increased from Sunday 3rd February, which means a single to or from Grangetown is now £2 or £1.20 for a short hop - up from £1 - for an adult. Day savers will be £4 - £3.80 if bought via the app.

Winter edition of Grangetown News out

The winter edition of Grangetown's new-look community newspaper is out - in what is the publication's 40th year.

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Now called Grangetown News, the first edition of the new-look 16-page full-colour tabloid newspaper came out in May 2016. Published by Grangetown Community Action, it has been a quarterly magazine format since 1978. With the help of the Community Gateway team and the university's Community Journalism department, a lively group of residents and students met to produce ideas for the summer edition.

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