Reference Title No Description Dates Donated by? Extent
GLHS-W/1 Walk Notes 1 Misc
GLHS-W/2 Wartime 1 Photos
2 Articles
GLHS-W/3 Wartime WW1 1 Radio programme CD 2014 Green folder
2 Posters
GLHS-W/4 Wartime WW2 files 1 and 2 1 Posters Buff files
2 newsletters
3 Articles
4 List of deaths
5 Photos
6 Group of men at unemployment camp at Gower (probably in wrong file) 1935 Robert Rowlands
GLHS-W/5 Warwick Str 1 Coronation street party 1937 Green folder
2 Large group street party
GLHS-W/6 Web 1 Internet information
GLHS-W/7 Welsh White City 1 Newspaper cutting 1992 Green folder
GLHS-W/8 White City Stadium 1 Men watching greyhound racing 1920 Green folder
GLHS-W/9 White Wilson Factory 1 Photos and adverts Green folder
GLHS-W/10 Windsor Slipway 1 Advert Green folder
2 Photo
GLHS-W/11 Windsor Quay Development 1 Newspaper cutting 1996 Green folder
2 Plans of new build houses.
GLHS-W/12 Withers John 1 Awarded Croix de Guerre Green folder
2 Extract from diary 1917 Michael Withers
GLHS-Y/1 Yacht Club 1 Report of fun day 2013 Green folder
GLHS-Y/2 YMCA 1 Photos Green folder
2 Ladies Outing 1970 Rita Spinola
GLHS-Y/3 Yorath 1 Photos of couple undated Green folder
GLHS-Y/4 Young 1 Newspaper cutting 1998 Green folder