Reference Title No Description Dates Donated by? Extent
GLHS-P/1 Paget Str 1 The Iron Room photo Undated Green folder
2 Article on the Iron Room by Bill Barrett Undated
3 Whitbread's Off Licence 1950s
4 Paget Str shops pre 1st WW Undated
5 Congregational Church
6 Letter about sinking of Royal Sceptre 1939
7 Details of Archer family from 62
8 Miscellaneous shop adverts
GLHS-P/2 Penarth Rd 1 Mrs Pankhurst meeting abandoned Undated Green folder
2 Visit of Pope John Paul 1982
3 Scenes of trams lines and trams
4 Delivery Van used by Harold Leigh Ltd 1933?
5 Hansom cab c1900
6 Harvesting hay
7 Workers at MacWhirters plus photo of van
8 Dixons Rope Works employees
9 Joseph Lucas employees
10 St Samson's VJ party 1945
11 Photo of Ross Garages 1957
12 Whitbread Bottling depot
13 Pumping station
14 Corner shops Thomas and Evans Zena Mabbs (nee Jones)
15 Harman Phillips shop David Phillips
16 The Square
17 Youngs vegetable shop
18 D Futorian shop tobacconist
19 D Thomas Chemist shop
20 A - Z Video shop
21 General view of shops
22 Grange Coffee and dining Rooms Hugh Poyne
23 227 Penarth Rd Zena Mabbs
24 Collection of photos
25 152 Penarth Road F.A. Jones Shop 2017 Mr. Jones
5 images of interior and exterior before demolition
GLHS-P/3 Penarth Rd bridge over river Taff 26 Press Article re. Cigar Factory 1992 Green folder
GLHS-P/4 Penarth Rd Tollgate 1 Written history and summary of tolls
2 Tollgate being removed 1954
3 Newspaper cutting man collecting tolls
4 Postcard
5 Various pictures of vehicles at the tollgate
6 Various pictures of people at the tollgate
7 Picture of horse drawn bus running from Cardiff to Penarth
GLHS-P/5 Penarth Sailing Club 1 Article in Echo of visit of Princess Royal 1998 Green folder
GLHS-P/6 Pendyris Str 1 Photos of franks sweet factory Green folder
2 Photos of New era Laundry and employees Ian Taylor
3 Photo of Freda Schiller in article in Echo 1985
4 Photo of R Vincent lorry outide Franks 1920s
GLHS-P/7 Penhevad Str 1 Photo of Harold George Boudier 1931 Green folder
2 Article in Echo on Harold Boudier 2015
3 Photos of coach outings 1930s
4 Coronation Party photos 1953
5 Resident photos 1950s
6 Photo of Harold Boudier on 90th birthday Zena Mabbs
GLHS-P/8 Pidgeon James 1 Photos of limousines Green folder
2 Obituary from Echo of Violet Pidgeon 2003
GLHS-P/9 Pentre Gardens 1 Coronation Day photos 1953 Green folder
2 Photo of Bill Perry Late1950s
3 Mary Desmond's 100th birthday 2013
4 memorial programme for Joyce Lloyd (see Grange Farm) 2017
5 2 b w photographs Grangetown Cardiff Townswomen’s Guild visit to Holland incl press cutting of same. 1965 Joyce Lloyd, dec’d
GLHS-P/10 Phillips E C 1 Photo of Sylph Green folder
GLHS-P/11 Pier Head 1 Image of Bute Docks Green folder
2 Photos Not sure title correct
GLHS-P/11-1 POEMS 1 Various poems about Grangetown 2017 Green folder
2 The Horse’s Prayer poem 1960
GLHS-P/12 Political File 1 Correspondence from Jim Callaghan Green folder
2 Photos
3 Documents produces by Cardiff Research centre
GLHS-P/13 Powell Marie nee Giddings 1 Correspondence Green folder
GLHS-P/14 Posters 1 Mainly WW11 Green folder
GLHS-P/15 Purvis Tom 1 Article in Echo part of My Cardiff series 1995 Green folder
GLHS-P/16 Pym-Penn 1 Family Tree Green folder