Reference Title No Description Dates Donated by? Extent
GLHS-H/1 Hafod Str 1 Empty Green folder
GLHS-H/2 Hamadryad 1 Article on Hamadryad Hospital ship by Bill Barrett 1997 Green folder
GLHS-H/3 Hancocks Brewery 1 Photos of dray horses Green folder
2 Photos of brewery before and after file in 1911
GLHS-H/4 Havannah Ship 1 Photo of the ship Green folder
2 Maps showing mooring location
GLHS-H/5 Hereford Str 1 Photo of Saltmead Sunday School? Green folder
2 Street party Gaynor Folland
3 Street party
4 Photos of new school uniforms Denise Carson (nee Bragg)
5 Photo of Denise Bragg and Bobby Drew Denise Carson (nee Bragg)
6 Halloween Denise Carson (nee Bragg)
7 Photo of Denise Bragg
GLHS-H/6 Hewell Str 1 Short history Green folder
2 Electoral register 1952
3 Family photo of Knight family 1936 Doug Knight
4 Coronation street decorations 1937
5 Group photo at coronation party 1937
6 Hewell Str 1945
7 Hewell Str 1945
8 Jazz band 1952
9 Coronation band 1953
10 Outing 1950s
11 Coronation tea party 1953
12 fred saddlers shaving saloon 1900
13 Moorcrafts Grocery shop 1927
14 Grace May Wright at 51 1940s
15 Sailor from HMS Iron duke
16 Sarah Stanstrom 1970s
17 Further photos marked Dungey collection
GLHS-H/7 Historical note 1 Penarth Ferry by Geoff Dart Green folder
GLHS-H/8 Histories 1 Memories of Trevor Tucker Trevor Tucker Green folder
2 A short history of Grangetown
3 Corporation Rd
4 The Grange on the Moor
5 Extracts from "Real Cardiff" ??
6 Memories of Mr Graham Goode Graham Goode
7 History of Grangetown Joyce Costie Brown folder
8 Typed A 4 sheets relating to Terry Harris, Decd. 2017 Terry Harris, Decd
GLHS-H/9 Hollyman 1 List of deaths in bombing raid 2 Jan 1941
2 Details of Hollymans bakery
3 Unveiling of plaque on 2 Jan 2001 to commemorate those who died when the bakery was bombed
4 Eileen Breslins words at the dedication
5 Memories by John Williams
GLHS-H/10 Holmesdale Str 1 Ovidio Dimascio Ice cream shop Green folder
2 Photo of Margaret Palmer in Dimascios Ice cream shop Wendy Ford
3 Alec Foulkes Shoe shop
4 Edwardss Corner shop 1960s
5 Kenneth Wilfred Lloyd Funeral service
6 Ken Lloyds shop
7 Mrs Lloyd in shop Ken Lloyd
8 Windsor Hall
9 Photo of square with public toilets c1920s
10 Street party 1953
11 Photo of Mrs Painter (nee Marshall)
12 Conservative Club
13 Various adverts
14 Small b/w photo of lady with apron o.s. Sadlerís shop 1900ís
GLHS-H/11 Horticultural Show 1 Information Undated Green folder
GLHS - I/1 Inn on the River 1 Misc photos formerly Turner's mansion Green folder
GLHS - I/2 Inson Brothers 1 Pen Pals during World War 2 1940s Mary Kiser Gordon and Mike Gordon Black File