Reference Title No Description Dates Donated by? Extent
GLHS-D/1 Dixons Ropes 1 Quotation 1922 Zena Mabbs Green folder
2 Extract from London Gazette
3 Photo including Jack Pottinger (boxer)
GLHS-D/2 Docks 1 Photo of Queen Alexandra Medal 1907
2 Life raft testing includes Mr Bailey
3 Photos including Archie Stevens
4 Stewart Family and repair of Tintern Abbey
GLHS-D/3 Documents 1 Ration book Selina Evans Green folder
2 Clothing book Arthur Stevens
3 Identity card Ambulance Transport Services
4 Identity card Leonard Barnett
5 Clothing book Alan Barnett
6 Identity card Abraham Van Lier
7 Ration Book William Herring
8 Army papers William Smith
9 Grange Farm Dairy
GLHS-D/4 Dorset Str 1 Photos of Doreen Gibson
2 Street party 1951 Edith Nash
3 Street party
4 VE street party 1945
GLHS-D/5 Dunleavy Philip 1 Obituary  1996 Green folder
GLHS-D/6 Durham Str 1 Photos of street scenes including Dorothy Randal Green folder
2 Photo of Scout troop St Samson including John Anderson Stan Taylor 1939
GLHS-E/1 Earl Str 1 British and Army Cadets Cross swords Champions 1943 to 1944 Green folder
2 Street scene
3 Street scene 1997
GLHS-E/2 Echo 1 New building plans Green folder
GLHS-E/3 Englands Wharf 1 Photo Green folder
GLHS-E/4 (Gerald) Escott 1 Memories in Photos and print All material donated by Gerald Escott Loose
GLHS-E/5 Evacuees 1 From Grangetown to Brecon Green folder
2 Booklet by Gerald Escott
GLHS-F/1-1 Fact Sheets Copies of Fact Sheets Nos. 1,2,3&5 2017 Ray Noyes, Zena Mabbs, Steve Duffy, Terry Gale (decd) Green folder
GLHS-F/1 Family Histories 1 Includes Harold Boudier Green folder
2 Andy Denham
3 Di Mascio
4 Doug Fisher
5 Mavis Ford
6 Harold Holdham
7 Don Payne
8 Gladys Wall
9 Social History by Cecil E Wingfield Needs sorting into page order
10 Rees Rees (Teifi)
11 Booklet by G. Escott life of Terry Harris of Wedmore Road 2016 Gerry Escott
12 Booklet “Over the Pond” 1932-39 diary of John Henry Blake 2016 Andrea Clarke Gr daug
13 Photo 1961 of Terry Harris of Wedmore Rd on m cycle; old Cigar Factory in background 2012 Terry Harris dec’d
GLHS-F/2 Ferris William 1 Policeman, photo and article Green folder
GLHS-F/3 Ferry bridge 1 Photo of the chain ferry
2 Article on disturbances in Grangetown 1886
3 Article by Bill Barrett 1990
4 Photo
GLHS-F/4 Ferry Road 1 Esso Depot 1953
2 Colour photos Keith Fruin
3 Various photos Zena Mabbs
4 Monmouthshire Railway Society 1959
5 Coronation celebrations 1953
6 Andrews Terrace 1885
7 Bomb damage 1941
8 Supolstery works collection of photos
9 Aerial view in colour of site of Barry Retail Park
10 Colour Photo new bridge over to Bay
11 Photo of incomplete bridge 1950 Maria Felices via Jan Taylor
12 Colour photo group at Fete "Madam Pura" 1950's  Maria Felices via Jan Taylor
GLHS-F/5 Flood 1 Article on Grangetown flood of 1883 1994
GLHS-F/6 Freeman's cigar factory 1 ?