Reference Title No Description Dates Donated by? Extent
GLHS-A/1 Abercynon Str 1 Collection of photos of residents and houses 1930s Helen Stradling Green folder
GLHS-A/2 Addicott 1 Collection of photos relating to local builder 1930s Green folder
GLHS-A/3 Advertisements 1 Collectionof advertisements for local shops /businesses Various Green folder
GLHS-A/4 Advertisements 1 Collectionof advertisements for local shops /businesses Various Green folder
GLHS-A/5 (Grange) Albion Baseball club Centenary 1 Match Programmes 2007 Green folder
GLHS-A/6 (Grange) Albion Sports and Social club 1 Team lists and photos 1900 onwards Blue file
GLHS-A/7 Allerton Str 1 Photos mainly of street scenes Various Anne Davies nee Williams  Green folder
GLHS-A/8 Amherst Str 1 Photos mainly of residents Various Janice Bennett nee Parle
Rita Spinola
Green folder
2 Gertie Thomas wedding photo
GLHS-A/9 (Cardiff) Argus 1 Copies of pages from the Cardiff Argus 1888 to 1889 Green folder
GLHS-A/10 Avana Bakery Pendyris Str 1 Photos of the bakery Not given Green folder
GLHS-A/11 Avondale Cresc  and Road 1 Photos Various
Lesley Jenkins Green folder
2 Copies of electoral roll 1939 and 1949
3 Details of house purchase 1938
GLHS-B/1 Bargoed Str 1 Empty file Green folder
GLHS-B/2 Bayfolk 1 Letter to Grangetown Residents' Assocn 1999
Green folder
2 Verses on incident in Bristol channel 1896 unknown
3 Bayfolk organistion 1990s
GLHS-B/3 Bedwas Str 1 Photos of Coronation street party Green folder
GLHS-B/4 Bennett 1 Photos of Parle famiy  Various Janice Bennett nee Parle
Black folder
2 Photos of Tom Williams Various Bill Bennett
3 Newspaper article about mugging of Tom williams 1980?
GLHS-B/5 Birdcage Bridge 1 Photos of raiway bridge over the river Ely
4 May 1958
Roy Paul
Green folder
2 Photos of pill box 5 June 2011 Harold Boudier
GLHS-B/6 Births in Cardiff 1 Summary of number of births in 1894 to 1910 by sex and legitimacy
GLHS-B/7 Bowles Wharf 1 Photos of the wharf
Various Green folder
2 Photos of Taff and Penarth Head
3 Photos of employees
GLHS-B/8 F Bowles and Sons Ltd 1 Material donated by Mr P Bowles. Contains a history of the company and an indexed list of photos Various P Bowles Black folder
GLHS-B/9 Bowling club
Grange Gardens
1 Photo of club members
Sept 1996
Glyn Paul Green folder
2 Photo of Grange gardens

Pre 1915
3 Bowling Green
4 Photos of club members
5 Action photos of bowling
6 Photos of pavilion Various
GLHS-B/11 Brain S A 1 Article about brewing company 26 April 1997 Green folder
2 Photos
GLHS-B/12 (Eileen) Breslin 1 Details of life of Eileen Breslin
Green folder
2 Copies of Grange Community News 2008 1996 1998
GLHS-B/13 British Legion 1 BL Vale of Glamorgan Official handbook
Green folder
2 Poem composed by S A White "The Welsh at Mametz Wood"
3 Gunner D L Cummings died 16 April 1918
4 List entitled "Dedicated to the honour of our immortal dead 1914-1918" Unknown
GLHS-B/14 Brookes family Penarth rd 1 Photo of Lilian Francis Mary Adams nee Brookes circa 1920? Green folder
GLHS-B/15 Brutons 2 Photos of bakery
Pat Rees Green folder
3 Photos of staff Unknown
GLHS-B/17 Bute Docks Acts of Parliament 1 Bute Docks Acts of Parliament 22 May 1834
5 July 1865
16 July 1875
White file
GLHS-B/18 Butetown and City Centre 1 Photos of Joe Erskine

Various Green folder
2 Photo of Old Stuart Str Various
3 Photo of collapse of sea lock gate on Glamorganshire canal Various
4 Photo of Jame Str Various
5 Photo of Bridge Str Various
6 Photo of George Str Various
7 Photo of South William Str Various
8 Items on Tiger Bay, Rat Island, the Docks Various
GLHS-B/19 Butetown History and Arts Centre 1 Newsletters 1997 to 2000
Green folder
2 Newpaper clipping with book reviews
3 Pamphlet "Making waves" Feb 1999