This is a community website for Grangetown in Cardiff, highlighting people, business, community activities, local news and things to do in the area and linking other websites and blogs.

We live locally; this is a voluntary project - in connection with Grangetown Community Action - free and independent. We are the online presence of the long-running Grange News community paper, which has been distributed to 6,000 local homes every four months for more than 35 years.

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Clare Food Stores Davies Framing Services Ice Cream Passion Direct Eye Care City Shawarma The Hideout Cafe Mega Discount Home Store Delikatesy Mis and Upstairs Cafe Clark's Pies Tramshed Studio Vegetarian Food Studio Clarence Hardware Inma's Continental Stores, Cafe and Deli Quadir's Tramshed Lahore Kebabish Mr Homes estate agents The Grange pub Asian Boutique The Cornwall pub Tramshed Tech Grangetown World Market

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Supporting our local shops and traders

These pages will feature local Grangetown businesses soon. Do you want to be one of them?

We are looking to develop a project with the help of Community Gateway at Cardiff University, using expertise of business and marketing staff and students.

The aim is to promote businesses, and a #shoplocal campaign. It aims to tie in with the three-year regeneration of the Clare Road and Penarth shopping streets, but cover other parts of Grangetown too.

This is the basic idea: "There are a number of long established, independent stores and businesses in Grangetown which are real 'hidden gems', as well as a number of shops catering for different ethnic communities. In the face of growing chain stores and regeneration in the area, there could be better promotion of what Grangetown already has to offer. A shop local campaign to promote independent businesses may work well.

"Cardiff University can help by giving marketing and branding advice, helping facilitate engagement with local businesses and developing a network, and working with journalism students to 'tell the story' of local businesses and their owners."

Allied to this is an idea of a business forum: "Living here for nearly 25 years, I've not known of a business forum existing locally. I don't know if there is a demand for it , but in the face of the growth of more chain stores within the area, there is potential for better cross-promotion of what Grangetown has to offer. I think the forum could be worked through our website and social media and was hoping that the Shop Local campaign might be an end product for the forum itself. "It would certainly be useful to have some help to engage local businesses, especially with culturally diverse businesses, support marketing the forum and creating a network would really help."